Prosper Weapons

Prosper Revolver x1
Prosper Rifle x1
Prosper Cannon x1
Prosper Crossbow x1
Prosper Shotgun
Prosper Crescent
Prosper Javelin
Prosper Dagger x2
Prosper Knuckle
Prosper Gaiters x1
Prosper Shamshir x2
Prosper Main-Gauche
Prosper 1h Sword x1
Prosper Rapier
Prosper Polearm
Prosper Slayer
Prosper Special Bracelet x1
Prosper Fire Bracelet
Prosper Lightning Bangle
Prosper Ice Bangle
Prosper Rod
Prosper Magic Scroll x2
Prosper Pendent x1 (Rare)*
Prosper Lute x2 (Rare)*
Prosper Tonfa x1 (Rare)*
Prosper Cube x1 (Rare)*
Prosper Controller x1 (Rare)*
Prosper Encyclopedia x1 (Rare)*
Prosper Craft x1 (Rare)*
Prosper Rosario x1 (Rare)* (Trying to sell atm)

What I'm missing atm

Total Count: 20 Prosper Weapons

Note (*) - Rare/New

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