My Pioneering Family

::Family Info::
Pioneering Family - Tears0fBlood
Family Level: 76+2
Affiliation: Esmero (Royalists)
Faction: N/A
Clan Affiliation: Neutral
Clique War Rank: Level 9th
Clique War Title: Field Staff Officer
Clique War Old Title: Assistant Chief of Staff
XPVP Title: Royal Knight
Server: Castilla (T3FUN)
Formerly Orpesia (G1) (K2)
Former Faction: Gallactica 2007~2013
 Former Faction: Ubiquitous 2013~07/17/2016
Former Faction: Dark_Avalon 07/24/2016~09/09/2016

Total Amounts of Pets: 25
Divino (Lucky Shop)
Diablo (Web Shop)
Rhinoceur (Web Shop)
Acorchado (Web Package)
Red Tiger (MM Purchase)
Noble Popo (Lyndon Box)
Red Popo (Lyndon Box)
Piggling Pet (Feso Shop)
King of Greed (Web Shop)
Chito (Chito Event)
Caybara (MM Purchase)
Yellow Phobitan (MM Purchase)
Santa Grabber (MM Purchase)
Red Ball (Unknown Event)
Rabbit (Treasure of Heaven Reward)
Panpan (MM Purchase)
Arctic Wolf (Playtime Event Reward)
Black Dragon (Playtime Event Reward)
Broomy (Pet Quest)
Pilfurr (Pet Quest)
Fortune Cat (MM Purchase)
Cockatrice  (MM Purchase)
Rudolph (MM Purchase)
White Tiger (Baek Ho) (Web Shop)
Black Tiger (Heuk Ho) (Web Shop)
Yellow Tiger (MM Purchase)
Elephant (Personal Trade)

::Missing Pets::
Snow Golem

::Barracks Information::
Total Barracks Slots:  171
Total Amount of Characters: 170
Pre-Veterans: (None atm)
Veterans: (None)
Experts: (None)
Masters: (None)
High Masters: (171)
La Atencion: (Coming Soon)
Fighters: 2 (1 Male/1 Female)
Elementalists: 2 (1 Male/1 Female)
Wizards: 2 (1 Male/1 Female)
Musketeers: 2 (1 Male/1 Female)
Scouts: 2 (1 Male/1 Female)
Reb Soldiers: 2 (1 Male/1 Female)
Auch Soldiers: 2 (1 Male/1 Female)
10th Anniversary - Character - (Neo)
Missing Recruitment Characters: (Dietrich)

::Armonia Characters::
Sirius Rigel/Laura Constans/Patrick Ryan
Berthe & Charles/Anis Allen/Van/Brianne/Sariel/Judith

::New Era Characters:: 
Lynn/Evil Machina/Leona Bernier

::Symphonia Era/Illier Characters::

::Rare Collectable Characters Info::
Rare Character Cards: 62 (Completed)
G1 Promo/Alpha Box Characters: Asoka/Ralph
T3FUN Playtime Event Characters: 8

::Extra Rare Character Cards::
x3 Asoka (Playtime Event) (Race Event)
Battlesmith Idge (Forums Event Reward)
Montoro (Blazing Event Reward)
Risky (07/07/16) - Event

::Lucky Shop & Lyndon Box Characters Cards::
Latest Rare Characters Cards: Divine Hammer Brianne/Bain Bernardo
Silver Flare Lynn/Kevin/Code Name: L/Grim Reaper Sariel/Empyreum Judith
Risky/Cadet Amy/Juliana/Archon Dietrich/Vanessa/Jain/Commander in Chief Cano
Bloody Navy Cano/Aclla/Banshee Natalie/Daisy

::Missing and Purchased/Event Character Cards::
Missing Rare Character Cards: None atm
Rose The Spirit/B.S Idge/Soho The Wind/Cadet Elisa/Lightning Gracielo/Silver Flare Lynn/Daisy

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