Monday, January 9, 2017

Not Really Actived But Still Playing Granado Espada T3FUN

Yeah I'm still playing in T3FUN's Granado Espada.  There's not much to do in that server.  With the factions doing 20% Colony Tax after each Colony War.  It's becoming a ghost town in each city.  We did have a good series of Christmas Events + Playtime Event.  However there's some that are not quite happy with T3FUN's current Lucky Shop Event.  They nerfed both Cano's making it impossible to get those character cards.  Then a day or so they change the rates so it's balanced.  Besides all that the Legion Wars are becoming less and less fun.  For 2 weeks in a row we only had like 10 vs 10 on each side.  Before it was 40 vs 40 or 20 vs 20.  Then the faction leaders and PVPers just AFK during the whole week till Colony Wars starts up and log off after each Colony War and Legion War.  They won't accept a lower colony tax for us lower and weaker factions.  I'm starting to wonder how long will T3FUN keep the servers up.  So far I've been semi-active I'm just trying to craft ELBs and Greek Croma's for DR30 and DR33 Craft Medals and trying to finish Rank 1/2/3/4/5 Missions as well.