Tuesday, November 15, 2016

euGE Forums Mod Stealing Images Off My Blogger

I am beyond angry at the moment.  Some Forums Admin had the nerves to steal images off my blog and use it for his Fourms Account on EuGE's forums.  Normally this has never happen.  However this time I'm very very disappointed in this type of behavior.  Nobody has the right to steal someone else's artwork and randomly make it his own.  He stole my Blog Banner and my old Valeria Avatar when I first made this blog.  I even put up anti-theft HTML codes to prevent people from stealing images off my blog.  Then he had the guts to screenshot it and crop it.

My Original Banner Artwork (Stolen by Mod_Malak)

My Original Valeria Avatar (Stolen by Mod_Malak)

Thanks a lot Mod_Malak you must feel proud of yourself stealing other people's artwork.  I will contact the euGE forums Admins and euGE's Support Ticket to have him sanctioned. 


At 8:29 p.m EST I will officially place watermarks on my blogger banners and avatars.

I got this PM from the euGE forums from Mod_Malak

"Hi! I'm sorry, I didn't want to be unrespectful, I just searched in Google and I tool arts I liked. I will remove and chose other images. I like your arts and of course I would ask your permisssion if i hd known."

Sorry, once again.