Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Enhanced Garim Belt & +10 Stat Earrings Collection Completed

Today I manage to get the last and final Enhanced Hope of Argus Recipe from MM.  So far I got x2 Enhanced Hope of Argus +10 STR Earrings, x2 Enhanced Will of Argus +10 INT Earrings, x2 Enhanced Shadow of Abyss +10 DEX Earrings, and 1 Enhanced Charisma of Reydeavarica +10 SEN Earring.  Including 1 Enhanced Garim Belt +20 HP.  I am officially done with Accessories except for some Crafted Necklaces for different types of raids.  As for the Enhanced Revelation of Abyss +10 AGI Earrings.  I don't plan to waste Vis on just +10 AGI.  It would be pointless since most characters are STR/INT/DEX/SEN based attributes.