Friday, July 8, 2016

New Era Episodes 2 & 3 Completed + Blog Updates

It's been awhile since my last post on this blog.  I've been busy preparing for New Era Episodes 2 & 3 I totally forgot about my blog.  Now I'm done with all recruitment quests for Evil Machina, Sariel, Judith, and Leona Bernier.  Which wasn't that bad.  I had some issues with clock tower basement but I manage to figure it out on my own.  As for blog updates and Pioneering Family updates.  I heard the sad news about Ashardalon's blog and I am very sadden by his farewell to T3FUN's Granado Espada.  We as a communty in T3FUN and the rest of the Granado Espada community will miss him and his awesome blog.  Without his last few entries on his blog.  We wouldn't haven't figure out some of the questlines.  I might start doing helpful questlines for T3FUN GEers.  However atm I need time to relax a bit.  I lost some sleep while doing these recruitment quests.  Besides that I manage to +8 all of my Greek Croma Armors and I crafted some more Armonia Weapons and I got myself an Abyss Shield with good Human mods.  Now on some GE issues I'm facing at the moment.  There's a few players which I won't name due to the threats I've been given by them.  I plan to cut my ties with a few players and one faction.  I won't be allowing myself to be harassed by players who lack respect for me.  Either way I have block 90% of them.  I don't really care if they harass me through in game broads or in clan chat.  The GMs refuse to sanction these players and I've been ignored by the GM's tickets.  Unless it's about event items or ingame issues.  Without the GM's doing they're jobs I'm pretty much screw.  I have learn my past mistakes and I am not going to allow myself to get trolled by them.  Best way to handle this is to ignore them without giving them any attention or responding back. 

As for my blog updates I did update my Pioneering Family's barracks and I'm going to update my blog the best I can.

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