Sunday, May 1, 2016

Infinito Challenge Level 144 (Completed)

Well I decided to try Infinito Challenge Level 144 and well I fail the first try but I manage to do it on the second try.  The 2nd boss was the Moon Knight.  Which was easy to kill since I just got a Improved Heavy Stinger Ring + Weapon Master Ring.  So my main team was Sirius and yes I did upgraded my Sirius.  I currently have an Armonia 1h Sword with ATK 46/ATK SPD 5%/Daemon 91%/HP+4, A Enhanced Garim Belt +9ed, and I rechipped his Shield with a better Daemon mod.  Then my Kess with his Trusty IBR +7ed ATK 44/ATK SPD 28/Heavy ATK 90%.  Then I finish off with my Recruitable Elisa.  I've decided not to even try level 145 or above.  Some players told me it's not worth it because with +8 Greek Croma's it won't even matter LOL.

Sirius:  "Thank's all over."
Elisa:  "...."
Kess:  "I'm not even mad...Just disappointed"