Sunday, March 27, 2016

Infinito Challenge Levels 142 & 143 (Completed)

I just completed Infinito Challenge Levels 142 &143 without any issues.  I switch my characters to Sirius + Cutie Claire + Elisa.  I had to face 2 Elemental bassed monsters for each level.  First was the Queen of Ice Tempest then it was Tetra Pod.  I had issues with tanking since it was Elemental based attacks.  So my Sirius took a lot of damage.  However it didn't stop us from beating those infinito challenges.  I plan to retire from doing anymore infinito challenges since it's getting harder with each new level.  At least made it past Level 140.  Which is fine for me I don't plan to reach level 144 or higher because it's not worth my time trying to get level 150 with +8 & +7 Greek Croma's LOL xD.

Sirius:  "Great Job Pioneers..."
Cutie Claire:  "We are the best :P"
Elisa:  'We're number one <3"

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