Sunday, March 27, 2016

Infinito Challenge Levels 142 & 143 (Completed)

I just completed Infinito Challenge Levels 142 &143 without any issues.  I switch my characters to Sirius + Cutie Claire + Elisa.  I had to face 2 Elemental bassed monsters for each level.  First was the Queen of Ice Tempest then it was Tetra Pod.  I had issues with tanking since it was Elemental based attacks.  So my Sirius took a lot of damage.  However it didn't stop us from beating those infinito challenges.  I plan to retire from doing anymore infinito challenges since it's getting harder with each new level.  At least made it past Level 140.  Which is fine for me I don't plan to reach level 144 or higher because it's not worth my time trying to get level 150 with +8 & +7 Greek Croma's LOL xD.

Sirius:  "Great Job Pioneers..."
Cutie Claire:  "We are the best :P"
Elisa:  'We're number one <3"

Tuesday, March 8, 2016

New Music Player Added The Pioneering Blog

I manage to find a very good music player for my blog.  I've been thinking about adding it to my blog ever since each new preview from kGE's website.  So I decided to copy it just like IMC/kGE did.  Incase anyone wants to copy my idea here's the link.

Kevin - Granado Espada - Hell on Fire credits goes to fatsnake.

Monday, March 7, 2016

New Era Banner Redone + New Blog Avatar (Leona)

I decided to change my Blog Banner for reasons of making it more better than before.  Also my addiction for Judith has kind of worn off for the avatar.  So I decided to make an Leona avatar instead.  To match the blog banner and "New Era" Episode 1.

My New Banner (Version 1.1) - "The Leader of The New Era"

Saturday, March 5, 2016

Judith's New Bristia Polearm

I bought a fairly good Bristia Polearm for my Judith.  It's just for AFKing town for just showing off.  However it's not bad for PVE/AFK level in Kielec areas.
 The Mods
Sirius:  "Nice Polearm...Judith."
Judith:   "At least mine has Human racials unlike your blunt =P"
Sirius:  *Sighs* "I'm a tanker...Not a DPSer"
Kess Kielec:  "And I'm the one who spent 1.2 bil in Vis just for that Bristia Polearm.  
How do you think I feel about this??? I'M POOR!!! X.x;."
Judith:  ARE YOU SERIOUS???"
Kess Kielec:  "That 1.2 bil in Vis was meant for crafting more evil weapons Arrrgh."
Sirius:  "Quick question Governor Kess.  How much did my blunt cost you?"
Kess Kielec:  "280 mil in Vis."
Sirius:  "Whaaaaat?"
 Kess Kielec:  "By the government of Bristia I give Sir Sirius Rigel and Madam Judith.
The Holy Bristia Weapons of Bristian Royal Church.  These weapons have been blessed
with Armonia Holy Waters granted by Saint Anis Allen. Sir Sirius Rigel your blunt is blessed with holy powers that gives you more health.  As for Madam Judith the polearm is blessed with Human Racial and Health Regen.  May the gods of Armonia protect you to your new travels into the new world."

Sirius Rigel:  "The Holy City of Armonia blesses with you good health 
and spirit Governor Kess of Bristia."

Judith:  "I shall use this holy polearm to protect the weak and service justice Governor Kess"
*Kess Kielec stares at the holy weapons of Bristia and salutes to Sirius & Judith* 

Friday, March 4, 2016

Stance Book Collection Page - Is Currently Updated

I finally found some renderings of some old books for my new Stance Book Collection Page.  Now I'll finish up with the skills and stats later but for now it's going to be just a placeholder till I get the info updated.  However the text I'm using is quite good for my  stance book pages.  It's call "Crappy Dan" a font I found on the internet so many years ago.  It looks like a handwriting font to me xD.

Wednesday, March 2, 2016

New Pioneering Barracks Info *Updated*

I decided to change my barracks info image.  I decided no more screenshots for new Recruitable or rare characters.  I manage to find most but not all of the images from a website that's in Korean.  So yeah I manage to change it to the new one.  Btw I manage to get Empyreum Judith from Lucky Shop.  In fact I got 2 of Empyreum Judith character cards.  I already made one and the other one will be sold to my clan leader once he gets the Vis.  I also even change my Blog avatar to Empyreum Judith for freshing up my blog.  I got tired of Patrick's since about 2 months ago xD.

Credits goes to New Barracks Character Images from

Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Pioneering Barracks Updated

Sorry for the delay I finally updated my Pioneering Barracks list today.  I kept delaying it because I've been not being so productive with my blog or GE atm.  I mostly just do Divino raid with my clan leader and Armonia Daily Quests.  However I'm going to keep updating my blog as the best I can.

Here's the updated barracks list I currently have at the moment.  I also added my pet list which I currently have collected over the years.