Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Grim Reaper Sariel added to Pioneering Family

I manage to get Grim Reaper Sariel from T3FUN's Lucky Shop.  I even spend a few more dollars and got all the School Costumes for Patrick, Van, Vincent, Sirius, Jane, Cecile, Claire's, and Mireille.  I even got a Diablo pet + Rosa's Rock Star Costume + hair.  I'll try to update my Barracks page very soon but I've been too busy with work and other personal things since the holidays.  I had to get my house's roof repaired and a few minor repairs inside of our house.  Plus we had an internet outage thanks to AT&T who got the entire area cut off from Internet, Phone and TV services thanks to a customer who got UVerse service that cause a lot of outages.