Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Pioneering Family Tears0fBlood Reaches Family Level 71+2

Today I reach my goal and I increase my Family Level from Level 70 to Level 71.  I am 3 levels behind my Clan Leader D2ofJapan.  He's been Vesping more than me and that's why he's ahead of me LOL.

I also updated my barracks list and edited some Family Info.

Besides all that I even help my Clan Leader D2ofJapan with his Armonia Episode 2 and 3 questlines and recruitment quest for Laura and Patrick.  All he has to do is Episode 4 and 5 and he's going to complete his quests with my DPSing help.

Monday, October 5, 2015

Episode 5 (Completed) & Added Silver Flare Lynn to Pioneering Family

Well I manage to complete and finish all my Episode 5 main quests and recruitment quests for Van and Anis.  Also manage to buy Silver Flare Lynn without paytarding in T3FUN's Lucky Shop.  Then I manage to get Silver Flare Lynn's Summer Bikini Costume for a nice price 300 mil in Vis.  As for updates on my Pioneering Family.  Cadet Elisa, Cadet Lionele, Kess, Cannon Shooter Claire, and Cutie Claire are LVL 10 High Masters (Maxed).  I am working on Dolores and Lorraine atm.  I'm been trying to Vesp but I've been trying to do my Armonia Daily Quest due to Van's Event Artifact for 30 days which protects 1 character from that nasty debuff/degen in Armonia maps.  However that artifact went bye bye on 09/30/15 R.I.P I will miss that Artifact T_T;

Also I upgraded my PC a month ago.  My new Video Card the ATI DiamondBoost Radeon r7 240 1GB GDDR5 had some bottlenecking issues with my AMD Athlon x250 3.0 GHz Dual Core CPU.   So I manage to order off of Ebay a AMD Phenom II x945 Quad Core CPU for $53.54.  Which isn't bad it was used but at least my PC isn't being bottlenecked anymore.