Wednesday, June 24, 2015

All Rare Character Collection Complete For Now + New Avatar

I just completed all the Lyndon Box, Playtime Event, and other rare characters in T3FUN atm.  However this doesn't mean I'm done collecting rare characters.  I'm still waiting on Silver Lynn in the future when she gets released in T3Fun.  Anyhow I just got Lightning Gracielo today and a few days ago I got Cadet Elisa both for 1.5 bil.  Which isn't bad I mean the current price for Cadet Elisa seems to be lower than I thought but it doesn't matter as long I got her and my Lightning Useless Gracielo I'm fine with it.  I mean Lightning Gracielo sucks but who cares he's just a collectors item not for using for PVP or PVE or even raids.  I'm sure if he was patched and fix he would be fine as a MMAer.  However he's not worth it using atm.  I am Vesping him atm and well...his DPSing sucks.  So no problem I'll just High Master him and let him rot in my barracks LOOOOL.

and finally a new Avatar for my Blog...Patrick!!!

Monday, June 22, 2015

Greek Croma Elementalist Robe DEF 15/DR3 Mod without EETs LOL

Today I decided to rechip one of my Greek Croma Robe's because I hated having DEF 10/Ice Ress 10/DR3 on it.  So I decided to go hardcore and not use EETs.  After using 14 15th chip got me this mod...Look at the screenshot and laugh.

 Wait...what?  DEF 15/Movement Speed 4%/Ice Ress +5/Abnormal Ress +13/ and DR3
It's soooo perfect and so pretty *.*; Greeky Croma Robe
Enchantment Lady Ana...YOU SUCK LOL 15 chips
and you couldn't troll me loool :P

 When I broaded it on the world chat a few players got confused about
how I got that mod and I told them it was pure luck :P


Friday, June 5, 2015

Bane Bernardo, Battlesmith Idge, Soho The Wind Added to Pioneering Family & Prosper Weapons Completed

I got  some huge updates for my Pioneering Family blog.  First off I manage to get another Battlesmith Idge from T3FUN's Forums event "The Name Game".  I even manage to get Bain Bernado from Lyndon Box Event.  Then I manage to buy a Soho The Wind for 850 mil in Vis from a friend of mine Bravehart.  Thanks to him I'm almost done with my Rare Character Collection. 

But wait that's not all Pioneering Families.  I manage to complete my Prosper Weapon Collection.  So far I got 48 weapons including 4 rare Prosper Weapons from T3FUN's "The Name Game".  So I manage to +7 of all of them before Episode 5.  So my weapon collection is complete for now.  I won't be buying anymore weapons or gear anytime soon.  Here's the list of Prosper Weapons I collected so far.

Prosper Revolver x3
Prosper Rifle x2
Prosper Cannon x3
Prosper Crossbow x4
Prosper Shotgun x2
Prosper Crescent x2
Prosper Javelin x1
Prosper Dagger x3
Prosper Knuckle x3
Prosper Gaiters x1
Prosper Shamshir x3
Prosper Main-Gauche x1
Prosper 1h Sword x2
Prosper Rapier x3
Prosper Polearm x1
Prosper Slayer x1
Prosper Speical Bracelet x4
Prosper Fire Bracelet x2
Prosper Lightning Bangle x3
Prosper Ice Bangle x2
Prosper Rod x3
Prospe Magic Scroll x2
Prosper Pendent x1 (Rare)*
Prosper Lute x1 (Rare)*
Prosper Tonfa x1 (Rare)*
Prosper Cube x1 (Rare)*
Total Count: 52 Prosper Weapons

Note (*) - Rare/New