Sunday, May 17, 2015

Rose The Spirit added to Pioneering Family

I finally got myself a Rose Spirit for 1.4 bil.  Which isn't bad for the price.  I've been begging to get her ever since I got trolled from her Lyndon Box Event.  Now she's being Vesped by my Cutie Claire from Vet LVL 1 to Experts.  Too bad I don't have any VET G Cards or Expert G Cards just to power level her with EXP Cards.  However I'm one step closer of getting all the rare character cards.  Here's the one's I'm missing atm from the game.

Cadet Elisa (T_T; BH event screw up on BH points)
Soho The Wind
Lightning Gracielo (He's bugged and useless LOL)

Thursday, May 14, 2015

Granado Espada New BGM - Hell On Fire

Here's the newest BGM from kGE titled "Hell On Fire "
The Music composed by Kevin - Copyrighted under IMC/Hanbitsoft

Monday, May 11, 2015

Armonia Episode 4 Completed + Divine Bryan and Berthe & Charles added to pioneering family

I just completed Armonia Episode 4 quests + completed Berthe & Charles recruitment quests.  I even went as far as to get the side quest done as well for her costume + hair set.  Plus I must add I bought Divine Hammer Bryan from MM without Paytarding LOOOOL.  She cost me 1.3 bil in vis which isn't so bad.  Since Episode 4 and getting Berthe & Charles is completed.  I'm just AFKing in town due to Charles F/W Fab Time Event for costumes.  So far I got 79 points so far.  I've been racking up points by doing nothing atm.

Here's some other updates/gear I just got so far....

1 Prospe Kunckle +7 (Human)
1 Prospe Rod +7 (Lifeless)
1 Prospe Rapier +7 (Daemon)
1 Prospe Slayer +7 (Human/Daemon)
1 Jewel Rifle +7  (ATK 38%/Critical 5%/Human 93%)
1 Tyrant Rifle +7 (ATK 45% Up/Human 95%)
1 Fallen Angel Bayo Rifle Costume (x3 Pene +6)
1 McFaul Great Sword +7 (ATK 38% Up/Critical 8%/Human 99%/Lifeless 94%)