Thursday, April 9, 2015

Greek Croma Scout Armor Added to Tears0fBlood Pioneering Family

2 days ago I decided to craft a Greek Croma Scout Armor.  Which I was lacking in my Greek Croma Armor Collection.  So I crafted it and +7 it that day.  It came with 3 sockets already pre-modded.  So I decided and wait for a few days to rechip the mod.  So manage to get DEF 16 Up/Evasion 8 Up/Movement Speed 13 Up/DR3.  Which I wanted in the first place.  I was hoping for more Evasion but that's not going to happen.  Anytime soon because I'm done with crafting armors.  With my selection of Greek Croma's I'm done with armors.  Here's a list of Greek Croma's I currently own atm.

2 Fate of Castilla Metal Armors
2 Greek Croma Fighter Leather Armors
1 Greek Croma Scout Leather Armor
3 Greek Croma Musketeer Coat Armors
3 Greek Croma Wizard Coat Armors
3 Greek Croma Elementalist Robe Armors
Total Armors:  14 Greek Croma's
1 Nero Croma Scout Leather Armor (SOLD)

Greek Croma Scout Armor...Sooo soft and shiny ^__^;
Look at that mod lel

Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Prospe Weapons Collection...

I just got 3 more Prospe Weapons in my collection since I updated on my last post.  I just got a Prospe Dagger (Undead Mod), a Prospe Knuckle with (ATK UP 39/ATK SPD 29 + AR3), and a Prospe Shotgun with (Wildlife 93/Darkness 5%).   All these Prospe weapons are now +7ed/Modded and most of all socket-ed. Now my collection is nearly complete.  I just need a Prospe Slayer, Prospe 1h Sword, Prospe Main Gauche, Prospe Gaiters, Prospe Magic Scroll, and a Prospe Ice Bangle.  Then once my collection is complete. I will focus with matching pairs for my single ones.  I plan to do this before the upgrade system gets into GEo/T3FUN.  However I won't be +7ing or upgrading any items when that upgrading system gets here.  I heard so many rumors and details how euGE's are QQing on the forums and ingame about it's hard to +7 and breaking gears is sooo stupid.