Friday, March 27, 2015

New Blog Banner (Final Design/Armonia)

I finally decided to change my blog banner because the other one didn't turn out so great.  So mess around with Paint Shop Pro 7.11 and I saw an option to add a picture frame.  So selected the (Photo Edge 01) Which adds a White border like design that looks cool on my monitor.  With some editing with official images/rendering images from IMC.  When I added to my blog.  It look amazing I seriously out done myself and all my hardwork is finally complete.  I could of added Byran but that would take up too space.  So I'll leave it as is.  Because I don't wanna spend anymore time on making blog banners.  Unlike Ashardalon's Blog I don't plan to change it with each episode.  I added the remaining characters such as Berthe, Van, and Anis Allen.   Which are the last characters for Armonia also Blacksmith Byran would be great if I have more room on my banner size.  

The Final Banner for Tears0fBloodGE Blog
Please feel free to comment about this banner.

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Dolores and Lorrainne...Begs for Cake

Poor Poor Valeria after Dolores and Lorrainne kept hugging and stalking my Valeria.  Now these girls beg and begged for some cake at the local Auch Bakery Shop.  Miss Valeria only has enough Vis to buy a small cake and a cupcake for herself.  However the spoiled/hyper-ed Dolores wants a large size cake made with blueberry + strawberries + whip cream cake.  Which cost 800k in Vis.  So Valeria decided to loan some Vis from Gertrude and forced to buy this cake.  However Valeria didn't get her cupcake after all since all her Vis was taken away from her from those 2 cute innocent girls.

Dolores & Lorraine:  "OH MY GOD SO MANY TO CHOOSE!!!"
Valeria:  "Alright girls pick the smallest cake I don't have enough Vis"
Dolores:  "NOOO I WANT THAT ONE *Points at the one that cost 800k in Vis"
Dolores:  "But...I want that one"
Isabella the Cake Girl:  "Have you girls made up your mind?"
Valeria *Searches her Vis purse and sighs*
Gertrude:  "Here Valeria I got you covered"
Lorraine:  "I guess we could share it...Right Valeria?"
Valeria:  "Yes we can...Now girls I'll pay for the cake....You go stand over there"
Dolores:  "High Five Sis"
Lorraine:  "Oooh yeah" *Giggles*
 Valeria:  "Girls we're leaving and I'll carry the cake"

Dolores and Lorrainne...Loves Valeria

Awww check out my screenshots of Dolores and Lorrainne and Valeria ^__^;.  It's like they're related in way I can't even say...Maybe Cousins?

Dolores and Lorrainne  
Lorraine:  "^_^; Big Sis?  Lets hug her."
Valeria "...Who are these girls?"
Valeria:  "I can't even move...She won't let go"
*Pets Lorraine's hair*
Lorraine:  "I will not let go her >:3"
Dolores:  "Keep it up sis maybe she can bake us some cake and some tea >:3"

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Level 41 Infinito Challenge Is Completed

Well I decided to try out level 41 Infinito Challenge today and well....I manage to beat it.  However I failed at 1st try....STUPID AUTO BARONERS  kept spawning :(.  Lucky on my 2nd try I manage to kill the boss with Kess with his trusty IBR/Heavy Stinger and PEW PEWing away with his Heavy Armor modded IBR.  While my Sirius tanked that boss like it was nothing.  My Emilia sat back and AFKed away.  Now....the question remains...LVL 42 will I even try it?  I don't know and maybe I will do it later :3

That's right we did it again!!!
Kess Kielec:  "You''re going to die next Auto Baroner.  Mark my words."
Sirius:  "WE DID IT WE DID IT :P"
Emilia:  "WOOOHOOOO"

Sunday, March 22, 2015

Working on Prospe Weapon Series Collection

Well I'm working on my Prospe Weapon Collection verse my Bristia Weapon Collection.  Here's a list of Prospe Weapons I've collected so far.

Prospe Revolver x3
Prospe Rifle x2
Prospe Cannon x2
Prospe Crossbow x4
 Prospe Shotgun x2
Prospe Crescent x2
Prospe Javelin x1
Prospe Dagger x1
Prospe Knuckle x2
Prospe Gaiters x1
Prospe Shamshir x1
Prospe Rapier x2
Prospe Polearm x1
Prospe Slayer x1
Prospe Speical Bracelet x2
Prospe Fire Bracelet x2
Prospe Lightning Bangle x3
Prospe Ice Bangle x2
Prospe Rod x3
What I'm missing atm
Prospe Sword
Prospe Main-Gauche
Prospe Magic Scroll

Friday, March 20, 2015

Proud Owner of an Armonia Shield

I finally crafted/modded/upgraded my first ever Armonia Weapon.  I've been debating of which recipe that I wanted.  So decided go ahead and hunt for the 5 of the Abyss Pieces.  So I finally decided on getting the Armonia Shield.  So I wasted 3 bil trying to get the craft items.  Such as Crests, Armonia Coins, Red Armonian Ores + Converting them to Blues + breaking my AR33 Wildlife Polearm Q.Q; I break my BSI polearm...Meh.  Also I spent 280 mil on +6ed Prospe Great Sword then +7ed it then broke it for an AR 36 Melee Crystal.  After all that hardwork + Vis spending.  It went from Modding to Upgrading.   I wasted so many EETs + Expert Chips just to Mod it.  Then the worse part was the upgrading.  I had to +6 because I wanted more DEF.  However it failed 4 times then downgraded to +4.  Then I sold the remaining EETs and regain my Vis slowly.  I manage to +6 it and I bought a The Hammer of Sloth Blunt Weapon Costume to cover up my FUGLY Bristia Blunt xD. 

Armonia Shield with Daemon ATK Damage -22% (Wish it had -25%)
Rechip it LOOOL  NOPE NEVAR!!! ^__^;
The Hammer of Sloth Blunt Weapon Costume + Armonia Shield...^__^;
P.S that's Sirius ^.^;
Bristia Mace?  
Bristia Mace +7 3s
Base ATK +96
ATK 40% Up
AR +5 (That's right +5 LOL)
Critical +7 (Don't even ask LOL) ^_^?
HP +4 (Oooooooh So Tanky) ^_~
x3 5% Damage Restores your HP Socket Jewels
(15% HP REGEN) FTW!!
I cannot die that easy you silly mobs in Armonia En Celar :P

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

kGE's Preview Divine Hammer Bryan & Blacksmith Bryan Page

Here's the preview page for both Divine Hammer Bryan and Blacksmith Bryan.

Divine Hammer Bryan (Rendering)
Lyndon Box Character

Blacksmith Bryan (Rendering)
Recruitment Character
Must Complete Episode 2 Storyline Quests
Recruitment Quest for Laura + Stance Book

Elizabeth's Final Masterpiece

This is when 2 lovers are truly in love and without security Elizabeth stalks and paints her victims without any notice or consent.  From her victims LOOL oh well at least she's having fun by harassing Catherine Torsche and Ion LOOOOL.

Ion:  " love marry me"
Catherine Torsche:  "But my father disapproves our love <3.  YES LET's GET MARRIED"
Elizabeth:  "This is sooooo juicy I gotta paint this and show it to the people of Granado Espada"

Elizabeth - "This drawing is for you!!!"

Dat Andre LOOOOL

Don't worry Lisa....Catherine Torsche and Ion are a couple ^^;

Tears0fBlood Pioneering Family makes profit off of this juicy painting ^^;
*Collects White Gold Bars and makes profit*

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Infinito Challenge LVL 40 Completed

Finally after 6 months of spamming Infinite Challenge in GEo/T3FUN.  I manage to get it done.  It took me less than 4 minutes to take out the Undead boss without any issues.  My team was Sirius, BFC, and Emilia.  Sirius tanked with his trusty Bristia AR5/HP4 Blunty and BFC had a crappy +7ed Evil Polearm from (PTE).  Mods were ATK 37/Undead 57% (LOL XD) and Lifeless 100%.  4 minutes...BFC you RAWK!!!

Question remains....Will I try for LVL 41?  HOW ABOUT NOOOOOOO >_<; I heard it's even worse that LVL 41 and above T_T;

Victory Pose = EPIC WINNING Charlie Sheen LOOL

Friday, March 13, 2015

Castilla Raids and Cadet Leonele is suffering LOL

Poor Poor Cadet Leonele had to go thru some tough basic training by his superior officer Cadet Adriana of The Castillian Navy Academy.  From Castilla Mines thru Castilla Ruins Cadet Leonele couldn't even survive without being told by Cadet Adriana's vicious and end-cycle of threats and orders from his superior officer.  However Elisa looks down on at Cadet Leonele wondering if that change his maturity or was it for nothing?  If not Cadet Adriana will force him into more hardcore basic training and respect for his fellow officers and civilians.

2nd Fleet Jace, Cadet Adriana, Elisa telling Cadet Leonele to take a break LOL

2nd Fleet Jace:  "I think he suffered enough  Cadet Officer Adriana....."
Cadet Leonele: "..." >_<;

Cadet Leonele SHAME ON YOU LOL

Oooooh Cadet Leonele  Cadet Adriana and Elisa is mad at you because you touched Jin's ass.  What would Pharrel say if he was here?

Cadet Adriana:  "Loretta told me what happen that day!!! Don't try to lie about it!!!"
Cadet Leonele:  "WHAT I DIDN'T DO ANYTHING!!!"

 Cadet Leonele....You're in deep shit now
Cadet Adriana and Elisa joins Cadet Leonele's team..FOREVER