Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Preview of Armonia Banner #2 & #3

Here's the preview of the 2nd & 3rd Armonia Banners I plan to use for Armonia Episode 2 & 3.  I hope we get Armonia Patch tonight.  Also maint is on 06/11/14 2 a.m till 5 a.m on GEo/T3Fun.

Saturday, June 7, 2014

New Blog Banner - Armonia Episode 1

Hi guys I just finish up my newest blog banner.  I just redone it from scratch.  I plan to keep this banner up till Episode 2 comes out.  Also I might do some layout changes later in the future.  With all this hardwork I must say my rendering skills are getting better.  So far I manage to render most of the images off the GEo's Armonia Preview page.  Soon I'll work on the 2nd Episode which is going to be sweet.

Here it is....Armonia Banner for Tears0fBloodGE - Pioneering Family's Blog

Friday, June 6, 2014

Ultimate Game Card is retiring

Retirement Details

After seven years of having fun helping gamers pay online for virtual currency in their favorite games, our Ultimate Game Card (UGC) will be retiring later this year. Ultimate Game Cards are in the process of being pulled from all retail stores and removed from online resellers. Consumers will no longer be able to buy Ultimate Game Cards after August 15th, 2014.

The last day to redeem your activated UGC codes will be September 30, 2014. So please remember to redeem your UGC codes before that date.
Related to the UGC product retirement, UltimatePoints (UPoints) will also be shut down. The last day to redeem your UPoints will be October 31, 2014.
Please note that some games might stop accepting Ultimate Game Cards and UPoints before the retirement dates so be sure to redeem your cards and points sooner rather than later! For a current list of games please refer to UltimateGameCard.com/allgames

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Mireille Added to Pioneering Family + New Blog Updates

Hi everyone I just want to let everyone that.  I got finally got Mireille from GEo's Lyndon Box Event.  Also I got 4 extra Sierra's Snowy Field Costumes + Hats.  I already got one hold for a friend of mine.  However people were begging me to get them Mireille's.  But like things are I got lucky and I got 1 Mireille within 10 boxes.  However the rest....was meh....I did get 100 Great Stones and other stuff.  Also Montoro has new Rod.  Feo'Light Rod +7 with 37 ATK Up/Human Racial 97.  Also I plan to save all my Vis atm.  Because I plan to convert my extra Vis into Elemental Jewels because I want to start saving vis.  I don't plan to buy anymore Consts/Armors/etc.  I just need a few magic accessories and that's it.  Maybe a good rapier for Mireille.

Blog Update for 06/04/14

1.  GE OST will be changed
2.  Character of the month will be "Lionele"
3.  New blog posts will not show Date/Blog Post Title.  Due to some advice from someone.
4.  Updated Barracks page is done for Mireille.   Need to redo profile image*