Thursday, April 3, 2014

Sick & Levin Added to Pioneering Family + PTE

Sick & Levin Added to Pioneering Family + PTE

It sucks when you get a Sinus Infection.  I really hate these stupid Sinus Infections.  It takes me around 2~3 weeks of getting better and yes I haven't slept a lot because of work and this game keeping me up for days xD.  However enough about that anyway I manage to get 3 Levin's from T3FUN's Lyndon Box Event.  Also I finish my Bahama Episode 2 Quests and Nena's Recruitment Questline.  Now I am focusing on PTE for Grandies De Lapith Costume Hair.  The costume I got it within 12 days of pure AFKing.  Just need to rack up 1k more and she's complete.  I also got some epic gear for Levin and Grandies/BF Claude.

Also I got these from MM/Crafted (FoC)
New Mods for March~April
+7 Fate of Castilla 3S (Grandies/BF Claude)
DEF 18
DR +3

+7 Bracelet of Lust 3S (Levin)
ATK 40% Up
Mental ATK +50

+7 Cunning of Altair 3S (Levin)
ATK 39% Up
96% Human

PTE (De Lapith Costume/Hair) & Levin Lyndon Box Event