Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Illusion Girl Added to Pioneering Family

Illusion Girl Added to Pioneering Family

I got my Illusion Girl with just 5 Lyndon Boxes ^.^;

Lyndon Boxes:  5 boxes + Kano's costumes + hair + 100 Growth Stones
Character Name:  Illusion~Girl
Level:  Masters Level 1
Illusion Garde Stance Level:  Maxed

Saturday, March 8, 2014

Blog Updates (City Maps) & Blog Upgrades

Blog Updates (City Maps) & Blog Upgrades

Today I did manage to do some major updates and upgrades to the blog.  I added the maps for Auch, Kielec and Kielec Night Maps to the blogs.  I will be working on the rest within the next few days.  So far I am grinding away on screenshotting away on my GE account and editing the maps with some rendered borders.

Current Maps (Editing will be done for Quests and Misc)
City of Auch (Map
City of Kielec (Map
Kielec Night Area (Map)

I also change up the blog menu so now it's easy to nav thru the blog.  Also I  decided to move stuff around to fix up the blog.  Also added a lot of Pioneers blogs and links to other websites/blogs/etc.