Thursday, February 27, 2014

Blog Updates/Jury Duty

Blog Updates/Jury Duty


Currently I am working on the layout and I will add quests/recruitment quests/maps/etc soon.  I also added the top 10 clan ranking from T3Fun's website.  I plan to finish up this blog within a few days maybe 2 weeks.  I've been working too much on this blog due to the lack of enjoyment I'm having on GE atm.  So far I am just bored of the game. 

Side note...I had jury duty on 02/26/14 and I must say it was very interesting to see how the court system works here in the United States of America.  To be honest it wasn't that bad except for one thing.  I had to be there before 8 a.m x_X;  - 1st time doing Jury Duty btw.

But I had breakfast in the court house and they had the best blueberry muffins I've ever tasted in my life.  Plus I had 4 slices of strawberries, half of an orange, and a cup of ice cold cranberry juice.  So I had enough time for myself plus there was free WiFi and free Starbucks Coffee ^.^;

Monday, February 24, 2014

Another Great Mod Ruby of Passion

Another Great Mod Ruby of Passion

Once again Enchantment Lady in Auch Ch1 gave me another great mod.  This time it's for my Ludin.  She's been such a good girl lately I decided to rechip my Ruby of Passion ^.^;

Ruby of Passion +7 3S
ATK 39% Up
Undead Racial 100%  


Greek Croma Musketeer Mod

Greek Croma Musketeer Mod

Behold the newest mod added to the Tears0fBlood Pioneering Family.  I am so happy atm my Elisa has a perfect Greek Croma Musketeer Coat ^.^;

Greek Croma for Musketeer +7 3S
DEF 14 Up
Movement Speed 13% Up
DEF Rating +3
Immunity rate +6 x3

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Blog Updates Version 1.1 (Innocentio Blue)

Blog Updates Version 1.1 (Innocentio Blue)

Current Updates to blog
▪  Avatar will be the same one (Not updating atm)
▪ Change font to match the blog. I hate Arial Font ¬.¬;
▪ Font Color change to lighter blue
▪ Border line change to lighter blue
▪ Added a Family Profile image to (About My Family)
▪ Removed Grey fonts from each sidebar to balance out the blog.

New Blog Banner Innocentio Version 1.7

New Blog Banner Innocentio Version 1.7

Today I decided to remake my blog banner for the last time.  I also rendered a Granado Espada Logo which took hours to do.  With all my hardwork I must say it was worth the time, effort, and of course my honor to redesign my blog banner.  

Here's my latest artwork
Credits goes to RyanReos for Marie, Queen of Pioneering Grandices, and Sierra Rose.
Thanks a lot RyanReos ^^;

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Old Broom of Witch +7 Finally!!!

Old Broom of Witch +7 Finally!!!

I finally manage to +7 it.  My Emilia is the best +7er in my family.  She never fails me when I +7 any item.  From armor to weapons so now on I plan to use her till the end.

Thanks Emilia-chan


Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Sierra Rose & Rachel Sheffield Added To The Pioneering Family (Tears0fBlood)

Sierra Rose & Rachel Sheffield  Added To The Pioneering Family (Tears0fBlood)

I just recruited Sierra Rose into my Pioneering Family.  After failing 6 tries I manage to get her after killing that annoying Golden Honeycomb boss.  I manage to defeat it with (CalintzJerevinan) Fighter with Crusader & Battlefield Claude & Elisa with Anti-Debuff skills.  That Armor Crash is a bitch to debuff.  Also in Lyndon Box Event I manage to get 2 
Rachel Sheffield and I sold one to my friend Tsukimori ^^;

Also look at Sierra's Old Broom of Witch ^^; 90% Human racial

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Snowflake Cherlyn Added To The Pioneering Family (Tears0fBlood)

Snowflake Cherlyn Added To The Family (Tears0fBlood)

I just got myself a merced Snowflake Cherlyn from MM and I must say.  It was all worth it now I can start working on Rose/Montoro/STF and that's all I need in my Pioneering Family.  Also now my Family level is level 55 ^.^;.

Lunar New Year 88888 Lucky Winners

Lunar New 88888 Lucky Winners

Ramiel - Gong Xi Fa Cai! 

It's the moment we've been waiting for! The announcement of our winning 8 Lunar New Year 88888 Lucky Draw!

From our many 100th Lyndon Box bonus reward, here are the winners!

Castilla Server
Tears0fBlood (That's me) ^.^;

Orpesia Server

Congratulations! Expect your 88,888 TCoins within 24 hours.

Saturday, February 1, 2014

New Banner - Innocentio Version 1.6

New Banner - Innocentio Version 1.6

My newest banner - Innocentio Version 1.6 (The Angel of Healing)