Friday, January 31, 2014

Clanless & Pionnering Family Updates

Clanless & Pioneering Family Updates

Today I am officially no longer a deputy or clan member of Element Clan.  I had a great time in that clan.  However things change over time and our clan leader Suzuki_ is officially move onto euGE.  Because of this he left me and the rest of the Element Clan without a leader.  Which threw Element into the dark deeps into what they call a "Dead Clan".  So I decided to leave this clan for my own free will.  I will miss those who ever my friends, allies, and most of all clan mates.  I wish Suzuki_ would of told me before he transferred to euGE.  However that's his own choice not mine.  Farewell Element Clan R.I.P.

Pioneering Family Updates

Lhote is Vet now with max out Stances
Selene - From Lyndon Box Event
I got all my Catherine's SEN/INT/DEX/STR
Magic Accessories almost done
Const Main-gauche - I got a even better mod
2nd General Plate Traded it for a General Plate +7 with DEF 14/DR3 WOOOHOO
Working on a collection of Bristia Weapons...
I got a Bristia Crescent now I'll post a screenshot soon
Sorry for the lack of updates...I will post more updates soon