Wednesday, October 30, 2013

T3Fails - Event Changes: - Rosa Event has been discontinued

10/30/13 -  T3Fails - Event Changes:  Rosa Event has been discontinued
Forums Admin Marius - "The Rosa Blanca Event implementation was unintended and set to be implemented on another date."
 Thanks a lot I really was hoping I was going to get Kano's costume + hair now I have to wait or buy it from Paytard Events.  Shows how T3Fail really cares about us.  In any case I did get Cherlyn's Strawberry Swimsuit....

Monday, October 28, 2013

I finally got Soul Bringer Stance Book

10/28/13 - I finally got Soul Bringer Stance Book

Current Weapon Set for Soul Bringer
Const 1h Sword +7 ATK UP 39% & AR3 + 3x Pene Sockets +6
Serp Main-Gauche +7 (ATK UP 34% & AR3) 3x ATK Sockets +7

Sunday, October 27, 2013

My Pionnering Family & Rosa's Secret Event

10/27/13 - My Pionnering Family & Rosa's Secret Event

Today I manage to finish my pioneering family tree list.  Which is all done with images I manage find off of  schwarzburg-ge's Character Database.  Thanks for the wonderful Character Database Profile Images.

Also I am planning of doing some more editing soon.

News/Events/Updates from T3Fun

Rosa's Secret Event

T3Fun is again having Rosa's Summer Event, but with different event rewards this time. I don't think there's an official notice about the event, so thanks to Eollica for sharing this in the forums here. The event quests seem to be the same as before, starting with 1 Small Watermelon Slice, etc.

Thanks Ashardalon/Eollica for the Event!!!

Screenshot Credits goes to Ashardalon's Blog


Saturday, October 26, 2013

New Banner + Updates

10/26/13 - New Banner + Updates

I decided to redo my last banner and decided to remake it.  I call this Innocentio of the Pioneering Family Version 1.5.  Now for updates....

From May 12th thru 10/26/13 updates

All Recruitment Quests are done... 
Olivia Recruitment Quest Completed
Col. Veil Recruitment Quest Completed
Kess Kielec Recruitment Quest Completed
Beatrice Recruitment Quest Completed
Sharon Recruitment Quest Completed
Kano/Cano Kielce Recruitment Quest Completed (3x Fails on 3rd part of Recruitment Quest)
Tora Recruitment Quest Completed

Still need to work on....
Daily Quests for Kielec
Favor Rates for Kielec/MMA's/etc
Farming Favor Rates
Tower of Chaos - Medals..
Temple of Castilla - Medals..
Vincent Stance's Quest....need Montoro Ring
Cruise Stance's Quest....need vis
Selva's Bristia Glove....7 more days
Cherlyn's Witchcraft....Meh?
Veronif's Abyss Scroll...Still got to do it
Viki's Auto Baron Stance Book + Auto Baron
Legion War....Trying to work on them if I am off on Sunday's
Clan Raids....Dead Clan...Not really active

Kess Kielec Stance - Got it from Lyndon Box Event
Kess Kielec  IBR-620 Large Caliber Rifle - Need to craft it...Zzzzz

 From Character Package from T3Fun

Sniper Bernelli
Pirate Adelina

Lyndon Box RNPC Collections
Valeria Vendetta
Spy Olivia

What I lack from Lyndon Box RNPCs
Pioneering Grandices
Rose Spirit - (I given up on her xD)

Playtime Event RNPC Collections/Weapons
BattleSmith Idge - (Pure Luck Gambling on her)
Evil Polearm +7 - (37% ATK Up/57% Undead/100% Lifeless)
Asoka - (I already got one from Alpha Box Event from G1 Event)
2nd Kurenai (....I hope so)

More updates will be updated soon...