Saturday, May 11, 2013

Removal of Growth Stones & Ring Boxes....¬_¬;

05/11/13 - Removal of Growth Stones & Ring Boxes....¬_¬;
 Removal of Growth Stones & Ring Boxes...

We’re telling you it’s a bad idea! Admins, what are you doing! 
Or alternatively:  Quote from: Belligero on May 08, 2013, 08:52:20 am

[CM] Siwoo:  You are to act as the bridge between the gap that is the community and T3Fun.
Not to come off as that self-absorbed entitled guy that demands answers, but I would really like an explanation. How do you communicate with them? It seems you are put on the spot a lot by the community, and I sympathize your position, but if you are doing you job efficiently, I think the case may be that T3Fun is not listening you. Are they aware of the discontented player-base, or the state of their game?

How do you get our feedback to them? Do they take it into consideration or brush it aside?

Please, help me understand.

Hmm. I really can’t disclose how things are decided on past what I’ve mentioned before, but honestly, there are a lot of things to be considered before decisions are made. I represent the players’ opinions, but just like other businesses, things are decided by majority agreement. The company is aware (and is made aware) of your opinions and suggestions, but they are still considered and weighed using different factors. Naturally, implementation is another burrito (which ones are valid, which ones to implement, modify and when will we implement it?) so like all businesses, it’s really not as fast or as easy as people think.

May 8 2013 Patches
I would like to state though that the Great Stones and Ring Boxes have been deliberately removed. Sad as it may be, yes. Here are some randomly generated FAQ, if I missed some, please ask away.

1) Why were the Great Stones and the Ring Boxes removed from the Cash Shop?

Two reasons! First, it has been decided that Growth Stones are becoming too common in this server and as such, has lost its intended rarity. Yes, it’s low priced, but the value of it is subsequently lessened.

Second, economy stuff. Yeah, that thing.

2) You’re P2W!!! How are we going to get Feso now?! Lyndon Boxes are unreasonable!!!!!
 Yea....Going Paytard that's really going to work seriously...NOT!!!!!