Sunday, April 28, 2013

Flores - PVP Challenge - Castilla Server ¬_¬;

04/28/13 - Flores - PVP Challenge - Castilla Server
Flores: I am super bored with this game so I am going to do the ultimate pvp challenge.  I will pvp with the highest stakes known to man.  If I lose a best of 5 match at the end of the month I will break any piece of my gear you want me to.  If you lose 5 out of 5 you do the same.  If I lose 3 best out of 5 matches ina row I insta quit the game and break all of my gear.  Leave your challenge hereWill have 0 play time around June->winter.  This is legit I wont pussy out if I do lose (unlikely) Now this is serious I will break my gear if players manage to win. Will leave the thread up one week for challengers.  Now is your chance all you Flores haters.  Post Family name + Team you will use.  Anyone wanna challenge Flores??? In PVP...Winner wins and the loser breaks all his/her gears.

I hate to say this but he's completely out of his mind.  Who would want to break their hard earn work and efforts making high end gear such as ELNs/GCs/Consts/Mechs/Jewels Weapon/Armor.  This guy is full of it and I have no reason to even join in this trolling event.

Source of info Flores's PVP Challenge

Friday, April 26, 2013

Leo Spring Cleaning Time!!! ¬_¬; + Selva Glove Update

Leo Spring Clean Time + Selva Glove Update

Yes I am officially going to get rid of the useless items I need to remove in my Leo.  Breaking lowbie rings, NPCing Pio Gear and selling all my e92 weapons/armor/etc.  However the e96's/Le Noir Armors will be kept for future LVL 32 Leather/Coat/Robe Crystals for Elite Le Noir's.  Also I got some good news I figure out why my Selva Norte side quest didn't not trigger after Bristia Return Home Questline.  Well here's how it works...give Victor 1k in Pure Items such as Talts and etc.  Then it will trigger the quest after you log out or go to barracks.

New Banner + Updates

04/26/13 - New Banner + Updates

I just realize I didn't update my blog since I transfer over to T3Fun.  So I am basically starting over and redoing the layout.  However my banner is from my own very own screenshot for T3Fun's FaceBook - Screenshot contest.  However I didn't get any votes so yea.  However I am also I help Flocky made his Sig on the forums with my own rendering images.  

Things I need to do in Granado Espada
1.  Stance LVL - Heiran/Ludin/Elisa
2.  Sell all my +6 Vet Lacquers & Barrack Slots :3
3.  Start cleaning up Leo by removing unwanted stuff *Spring Cleaning Sale*
4.  Figure out why I can't get Brista Arm Shield for Selva...¬_¬; Seriously
5.  GET ION >.<!!! 1 more TP is required
6.  Rack up AFK Points for Sorang Event ^_^;

Things I got completed in Granado Espada
1.  Got Heiran 4 Fails
2.  Got J.D - 59 Fails
3.  Got Sorang after getting 1200 points from AFK Event
4.  +7 Angel 1H Sword Modded with 36% ATK UP 11% Poison & AR3 + 3 Pene Jewels
5.  Made 2 ubber Golden Damascus Sabres both are +7 with these mods...^__^

1st +7 Golden Damascus 3S
33% ATK UP
9% Poison
8% Stun
99+ Human Racial
7% ATK UP Jewel
7% Pene Jewel x2 

2nd +7 Golden Damascus 3S
38% ATK UP
6+ Critical
Attack Rating +3
7% ATK UP Jewel  
7% Pene Jewel x2