Monday, June 18, 2018

Chikodaniel Strikes Out Again (Terrible English)

What a fucking idiot.  He can't spell the words "sugar" and "give" so he fucks that up by using such terrible English typos and misspelled words.  The more he fucks up it only makes me face palm at his stupidity and moronic behavior even more than ever.  As he acts like an idiot in T3Fun it makes me wonder if Daniel Lopez gets bad grades in school because the way he acts and types.  It shows how much of an idiot he really is.

*Face Palms*
Hey Daniel Lopez here's a free English lesson for you.  Since you're a uneducated dumb ass who has a brain the size of a fucking peanut.
(sugar) not Suggar (give) not gift

Daniel Lopez (Chikodaniel) = Retarded Idiot

Friday, June 15, 2018

Hi Again Silkye Nice To See You Again

Wow 9 views Silkye C'mon are you that obsessed over me and T0B?  No matter I got your IP address and what OS, Web Browser, and Hardware you're currently running.  However I won't tell you which program I'm using I'll just keep it a secret from you and your friends LOL.  No matter I'll keep your information for safe keeping.

Hi Silkye look at them 9 views from Spain XD

So Silkye you're using Linux OS with Google Chrome and you live in Spain.  And most of all you're viewing the blog at 5:54 a.m.  You mad Spanish Bieber?

Thursday, June 14, 2018

Chikodaniel Once Again Fails At Spelling

*Face Palms*  C'mon Chikodaniel you seriously can't spell the word "isn't".  My god I feel extremely sorry for your parents who paid you through school and you can't spell such simple words. 

The correct spelling is "isn't" not ins't *Face Palms*
Chikodaniel that's you.  You stupid fucking moron.
Yep I agree Chikodaniel should study up on his grammar.

Poj Singhaphan Is A Breeding Cock? LOOOOOOOOOL

I copied Poj Singhaphan's name off his Facebook account and translated it on Google Translator and this is what it translated to.  LOOOOOOOOOL I can't stop laughing but this is fucking hilarious LOOOOOOOOOOOOOL

Poj Singha is a breeding cock?  LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL

Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Thanks Silkye For Getting The Most Visits To Tears0fBloodGE's Blogger

Wow Silkye aka Adrian Redono you're so obsessed over T0B's blogger aren't you?  You're basically spending days even hours visiting this blog for what?  Trying to get mad at him and me who wants to expose you for what you did to him?  I already got the screenshots from T0B's family members and I must say you're one sick mother fucker.  You tried so hard trying to threaten him in the past then you had the balls to contact his family members on Facebook.  Which is quite sad.  Then you photoshopped him with that sick image.  Just for that I'm going to photoshop you once my new computer gets rebuilt and I'm going install Adobe Photoshop CS just to make you a sick fucker.  "An eye for an eye and a tooth for an tooth."  Remember that Adrian Redono make sure to remember that.  Also this one as well pal.  "You forget a thousand things every day, pal. Make sure this is one of 'em." - Michael De Santa (GTA V)

Oh here's the proof that Silkye spends his days on T0B's blog.  I even went ahead and highlighted the information I got from Blogger.

Chikodaniel Is An Idiot LOOOOOOOOOOOL

Wow Chikodaniel not only it took you 7 days to finally spell the word "Lightning" correctly but you cannot read the Granado Espada's Character Info UI for Friede. This what he said in the game [Chikodaniel] "what gender is friede?"  So you don't know how to type a question without screwing up the question.  Then you can't even tell if Friede is a Male or Female.  It's clearly shows it on the Character Info UI and his questlines.  All I can do is face palm at your stupidity and moronic behavior in T3Fun's Granado Espada.

Wow seriously?  You don't know Chikodaniel.  Maybe you do need some reading glasses.

Daniel Lopez wow you don't know anything do you?
"Wooooow.....What an idiot."

Trump and Kim hold surprise document signing during summit (#MAGA)

See Chikodaniel Donald Trump isn't such a bad person he makes peace with the North Koreans and making great deals.  It's time for you Chikobaby to grow up and accept it.  Donald Trump is better than you.

Would Mexico Be Able To Fight Off USA? (Nope no way Chikobaby)

What is the military of Mexico like? How does it compare to united states military? Who would win?


Monday, June 11, 2018

This is how Chikodaniel and rest of his Libtard friends act like after Trump won the election

The feeble cry.
The enraged riot.
The duplicitous lie.

When you're dragged kicking and screaming into the real world, it can hurt a lot.

*Triggered* Pay for the fucking wall LOL