Monday, January 9, 2017

Not Really Actived But Still Playing Granado Espada T3FUN

Yeah I'm still playing in T3FUN's Granado Espada.  There's not much to do in that server.  With the factions doing 20% Colony Tax after each Colony War.  It's becoming a ghost town in each city.  We did have a good series of Christmas Events + Playtime Event.  However there's some that are not quite happy with T3FUN's current Lucky Shop Event.  They nerfed both Cano's making it impossible to get those character cards.  Then a day or so they change the rates so it's balanced.  Besides all that the Legion Wars are becoming less and less fun.  For 2 weeks in a row we only had like 10 vs 10 on each side.  Before it was 40 vs 40 or 20 vs 20.  Then the faction leaders and PVPers just AFK during the whole week till Colony Wars starts up and log off after each Colony War and Legion War.  They won't accept a lower colony tax for us lower and weaker factions.  I'm starting to wonder how long will T3FUN keep the servers up.  So far I've been semi-active I'm just trying to craft ELBs and Greek Croma's for DR30 and DR33 Craft Medals and trying to finish Rank 1/2/3/4/5 Missions as well.

Tuesday, November 15, 2016

euGE Forums Mod Stealing Images Off My Blogger

I am beyond angry at the moment.  Some Forums Admin had the nerves to steal images off my blog and use it for his Fourms Account on EuGE's forums.  Normally this has never happen.  However this time I'm very very disappointed in this type of behavior.  Nobody has the right to steal someone else's artwork and randomly make it his own.  He stole my Blog Banner and my old Valeria Avatar when I first made this blog.  I even put up anti-theft HTML codes to prevent people from stealing images off my blog.  Then he had the guts to screenshot it and crop it.

My Original Banner Artwork (Stolen by Mod_Malak)

My Original Valeria Avatar (Stolen by Mod_Malak)

Thanks a lot Mod_Malak you must feel proud of yourself stealing other people's artwork.  I will contact the euGE forums Admins and euGE's Support Ticket to have him sanctioned. 


At 8:29 p.m EST I will officially place watermarks on my blogger banners and avatars.

I got this PM from the euGE forums from Mod_Malak

"Hi! I'm sorry, I didn't want to be unrespectful, I just searched in Google and I tool arts I liked. I will remove and chose other images. I like your arts and of course I would ask your permisssion if i hd known."

Sorry, once again.

Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Enhanced Garim Belt & +10 Stat Earrings Collection Completed

Today I manage to get the last and final Enhanced Hope of Argus Recipe from MM.  So far I got x2 Enhanced Hope of Argus +10 STR Earrings, x2 Enhanced Will of Argus +10 INT Earrings, x2 Enhanced Shadow of Abyss +10 DEX Earrings, and 1 Enhanced Charisma of Reydeavarica +10 SEN Earring.  Including 1 Enhanced Garim Belt +20 HP.  I am officially done with Accessories except for some Crafted Necklaces for different types of raids.  As for the Enhanced Revelation of Abyss +10 AGI Earrings.  I don't plan to waste Vis on just +10 AGI.  It would be pointless since most characters are STR/INT/DEX/SEN based attributes.

Monday, July 25, 2016

Infinito Challenge Level 145 Completed

I just finish the Infinito Challenge for level 145.  I just need to finish 5 more levels and I can get my free AR 36 Armonia weapon.  I plan to do one Infinito Challenge once a week or on the weekends.  However at the moment I'll take a break from anymore Infinito Challenges till next week.

Sirius:  "Boring...What's the next challenge?"
Cadet Leonele: "Infinito Challenge all done by me. Pew Pew Pew"
Emilia The Sage:  "Great Job guys."

Sunday, July 17, 2016

My Officially Farewell to Ubiquitous Faction (Resigning from Clan)

As of 07/17/2016 I am no longer a deputy or a clan member of Ubiquitous.  We had some good and some bad times in Ubiquitous however my leave isn't because I wanted to be killed by another faction.  It's time for me to spread my wings and move on.  I know that leaving Ubiquitous faction was not a wise idea.  I also made my ex-faction members upset by leaving the faction.  However I was being targeted and PKed to a point that the only option I had was to leave Ubiquitous.  Sad to say but I had to choose this option or I'll be target for them.  Even if this PK faction refuses to allow a truce for Ubiquitous from 2 weeks from now.    Then my actions are unforgivable and I am truly sorry  D2ofJapan, NHK, Taicer, and the rest of the members of Ubiquitous.  Maybe I'll come back when the war ends.  However for now all I can say is that I am sorry.

P.S I don't plan to join any other factions in the future.

Your friend,

Tuesday, July 12, 2016

New Banner/Avatar - The Symphonia

I decided to make a new banner & avatar to catch up with the euGE and kGE's The Symphonia preview pages.  I know that T3FUN is always behind but at least my blog is being updated xD.

Friday, July 8, 2016

New Era Episodes 2 & 3 Completed + Blog Updates

It's been awhile since my last post on this blog.  I've been busy preparing for New Era Episodes 2 & 3 I totally forgot about my blog.  Now I'm done with all recruitment quests for Evil Machina, Sariel, Judith, and Leona Bernier.  Which wasn't that bad.  I had some issues with clock tower basement but I manage to figure it out on my own.  As for blog updates and Pioneering Family updates.  I heard the sad news about Ashardalon's blog and I am very sadden by his farewell to T3FUN's Granado Espada.  We as a communty in T3FUN and the rest of the Granado Espada community will miss him and his awesome blog.  Without his last few entries on his blog.  We wouldn't haven't figure out some of the questlines.  I might start doing helpful questlines for T3FUN GEers.  However atm I need time to relax a bit.  I lost some sleep while doing these recruitment quests.  Besides that I manage to +8 all of my Greek Croma Armors and I crafted some more Armonia Weapons and I got myself an Abyss Shield with good Human mods.  Now on some GE issues I'm facing at the moment.  There's a few players which I won't name due to the threats I've been given by them.  I plan to cut my ties with a few players and one faction.  I won't be allowing myself to be harassed by players who lack respect for me.  Either way I have block 90% of them.  I don't really care if they harass me through in game broads or in clan chat.  The GMs refuse to sanction these players and I've been ignored by the GM's tickets.  Unless it's about event items or ingame issues.  Without the GM's doing they're jobs I'm pretty much screw.  I have learn my past mistakes and I am not going to allow myself to get trolled by them.  Best way to handle this is to ignore them without giving them any attention or responding back. 

As for my blog updates I did update my Pioneering Family's barracks and I'm going to update my blog the best I can.

Sunday, May 1, 2016

Infinito Challenge Level 144 (Completed)

Well I decided to try Infinito Challenge Level 144 and well I fail the first try but I manage to do it on the second try.  The 2nd boss was the Moon Knight.  Which was easy to kill since I just got a Improved Heavy Stinger Ring + Weapon Master Ring.  So my main team was Sirius and yes I did upgraded my Sirius.  I currently have an Armonia 1h Sword with ATK 46/ATK SPD 5%/Daemon 91%/HP+4, A Enhanced Garim Belt +9ed, and I rechipped his Shield with a better Daemon mod.  Then my Kess with his Trusty IBR +7ed ATK 44/ATK SPD 28/Heavy ATK 90%.  Then I finish off with my Recruitable Elisa.  I've decided not to even try level 145 or above.  Some players told me it's not worth it because with +8 Greek Croma's it won't even matter LOL.

Sirius:  "Thank's all over."
Elisa:  "...."
Kess:  "I'm not even mad...Just disappointed"

Sunday, March 27, 2016

Infinito Challenge Levels 142 & 143 (Completed)

I just completed Infinito Challenge Levels 142 &143 without any issues.  I switch my characters to Sirius + Cutie Claire + Elisa.  I had to face 2 Elemental bassed monsters for each level.  First was the Queen of Ice Tempest then it was Tetra Pod.  I had issues with tanking since it was Elemental based attacks.  So my Sirius took a lot of damage.  However it didn't stop us from beating those infinito challenges.  I plan to retire from doing anymore infinito challenges since it's getting harder with each new level.  At least made it past Level 140.  Which is fine for me I don't plan to reach level 144 or higher because it's not worth my time trying to get level 150 with +8 & +7 Greek Croma's LOL xD.

Sirius:  "Great Job Pioneers..."
Cutie Claire:  "We are the best :P"
Elisa:  'We're number one <3"